Amazon Amp, show update march 1, 2024:


Due to circumstances beyond Dangerous Devil's control, the lunchbox show is currently not available to stream or listen to. in october of 2023, amazon decided to shut down operations on the entire amp service. as a result, the lunchbox show was put on hiatus due to amazon's decision to shut down the service. 


we are proud of the season 1 (13 episodes) that were able to air on amp. and are currently looking into other formats and options to continue the show and a season 2. due to the licensing agreements with amazon, the records labels, music artists and the music played on the lunchbox show episodes, we cannot currently host the episodes already created. season 1 will likely not ever be AVAILABLE to stream again UNFORTUNATELY, due to those licensing restrictions. 


as of march 1, 2024, there are no other services with the same format that the amp service had. so we are working to adjust the show's format, to better fit the other available services.


when a new hosting service can be found for the show, and the new format changes happen, it will be posted here with all of the new show info.


stay tuned!